How Catalyst Works

Discover how we use our unique search technology and recommendation engine to monitor the world’s information and deliver the exact insights you need.

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Catalyst Intelligence Platform Overview

Catalyst Enterprise Innovation Intelligence Platform

Monitor 40k+ global sources and your premium content providers

Catalyst scans 300,000+ articles per day across the web to deliver business-critical insights. We can also plug in premium content feeds and internal content (PDFs, whitepapers, documents).

Catalyst topic engine

Once your content is switched on, our algorithm starts hunting for relevant insights that match your tailored topics. Your topics are stored in your topic library and can be amended at any time.

Catalyst Dynamic Topic Software

Topic recommendations

Once your topics are active, Catalyst will also start recommending topics based on the patterns in the articles you view, creating a truly intuitive intelligence experience.

Catalyst Topic Recommendation Software

Insights delivered

When our engine identifies articles matched to your topic our platform then delivers in any format that you'd like.

Daily Alert

Daily Alerts

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PDF Reporting

PDF Reports



Track analytics for every user

We capture all activity across the platform, providing data to improve user engagement and monitor preferred sources or topics.

User Analytics