Catalyst Features

Catalyst is our cloud-based software which provides the tools to discover, curate and share the exact insights you need to identify sales leads, improve client engagement and drive innovation across your organization.

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Dynamic Topic Builder

With Catalyst you can completely customize the topics that you would like to track on the platform. Our advanced search tools allow users to build topics based on their industry sector. Using specific keywords you can define your topic search by title and body, within the first 250 words and across geographical regions.

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Use simple boolean search terms to build topics with context.

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Restrict with favourite media sites and sources.

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Refine your search via triggers such as partnerships, VC deals and contract wins.

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Search within specific regions and countries.

More about advanced search
Catalyst Advanced Keyword Search Tool
Catalyst Topic Library

Topic library

Create your own personalized topic library on the platform, based on the topics you and your team would like to track - from competitors, product launches, people moves and industry news.

Work with our team of analysts to help define your topics and deliver the exact insights you need to share with your senior executives.

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Search for topics already created on the platform.

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Easily filter through topics based on their category.

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Enable and disable end-user subscriptions and delete topics.

Easy onboarding tool

Use our onboarding feature to help your team get started with Catalyst. We create a branded sign up page, so your senior executives don’t need to log into the platform. You can select the topics that are displayed and customise the page with your company logo and branding.

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Choose from a wide selection of library topics.

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Easy to share with your team.

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Add your own brands colors and logo.

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Catalyst Daily Alerts Onboarding Page
Catalyst Alerts Manager

Alerts Manager

Each user can manage their personal settings with the alerts manager tool. Select when to receive daily alerts at a specific time or day of week - or switch them off.

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Select daily or weekly alert times

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Set specific region and time zone

Newsletter Builder

Our Newsletter Builder tool allows you to curate a weekly intelligence briefing to share with your team, clients and partners. You can add your own commentary, branded company header and introduction for a personalized touch.

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Add your own commentary and personal introduction.

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Build your own template with sections.

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Easily re-order posts and sections.

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Upload your company's logo for a branded experience.

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See who has opened and clicked on articles with in-depth analytics.

More about Newsletter Builder
Catalyst Corporate Newsletter Builder Tool
Catalyst PDF Report Builder

PDF Report Suite

Curate PDF reports straight from platform. Simply select the stories you would like to add, and then export an Instant PDF with a link to the headline and the first 250 words or add to an existing report with an introduction.

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Include your company's logo and contact details

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Export reports in a variety of formats - with or without summary.

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Add your own branding, colors and logo.

Collaboration Roadmap

Use intelligence as the fuel to drive discussion in social or corporate collaboration tools.

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Collaborate with your team and stay informed.

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Share news via social media channels.

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Add your own integrations to deliver insights.

Collaboration Wizard

Group management tools

Upload specific groups on the platform based on their roles and assign topics or newsletter subscriptions plus access to any licensed content sources.

More about Group Management

Catalyst Group Management Tool

Analytics dashboard

Track all usage across the platform, from user engagement to newsletter metrics and recommended topics and sources. Discover how many topics have been created, what topics are trending and overall opens and click rates.

Catalyst Analytics Intelligence Dashboard

Full features overview

  • Search

    Advanced Search

    Track any Topic from competitors, people moves to industry news, and discover relevant insights to deliver to your senior executive team.

  • Newsletter Builder

    Newsletter Builder

    Curate a weekly intelligence briefing to inform your senior executives on latest industry trends, competitors and news.​

  • Group Management

    Group Management

    Group users according to their interests, set up end-user alerts and newsletter subscriptions and manage content licenses.

  • Live Alerts

    Live Alerts

    Monitor news from across your favourite sources, and receive automated daily or weekly alerts sent to your inbox.

  • Source Lists

    Source Lists

    Create a list of your favourite sources and share personalized reading lists with your teams and colleagues.

  • PDF Suite

    PDF Suite

    Create a stylish PDF with your company branding, to share with your team, before you step into a new client meeting.

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS Feeds

    Easily create live RSS feeds to embed onto your blog, social media or enterprise applications.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Analytics Dashboard

    Monitor the content usage and Topic trends, to increase the value and ROI of your information sources.

  • Catalyst API


    Connect to our API for aggregating, filtering & tagging your information sources & delivering rich content into enterprise applications.