Newsletter Builder

The Newsletter Builder tool helps strategy, insights and innovation teams save time when curating weekly intelligence newsletters for their senior executives.

Our in-built curation tools allow you to easily discover insights and share knowledge and market intelligence with your team from over 40,000+ global news sources or your own.

Discover, Curate and Share Content
with Your Team, Clients and Partners

  • Deliver Relevant Insights

    Spot the latest stories from 40,000+ sources, and find the exact information you need to become the intelligence thought-leader within your organization.

  • Add Your Own Perspective

    Add your own commentary and analysis for each story, to educate and inspire your team with personalized insights, industry news and best practices.

  • Collaborate With Your Team

    Add your Posts and save time by collaborating with your team on content for weekly briefings.

  • Customise Your Template

    Add your own title and company branding, with rich content and images to engage your audience.

  • Manage Recipients

    Easily upload teams of recipients and manage your subscribers with our group management tool.

  • Analyze Metrics

    Monitor readership trends in our analytics dashboard and view content usage for each campaign.

Our Curation Services

We recognise that many CEOs, Heads of Innovation or Strategy view awareness of innovation as essential to their business strategy, but don’t have the resources internally to deliver weekly briefings.

We can provide analysts to support your content curation process each week. Get in touch to find out more.